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Hummingbird Insurance Services 

Dedicated to serving the needs of commercial fleet operators

Our mission

To provide you with the best cover, hassle-free claims, and world-class customer service.


We understand the importance of cost in managing your commercial fleet. That's why we go the extra mile to secure the best price for your insurance coverage. 


Dealing with claims can be stressful, which is why we've developed a dedicated service to streamline the process. Our user-friendly app allows you to report claims with ease, reducing paperwork and saving you valuable time. 

Customer Service

We take pride in delivering world-class customer service. Our knowledgeable and friendly experts are here to address your concerns, provide personalised assistance, and guide you through the insurance journey.

Services we offer

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and tailored insurance solutions for commercial fleet owners. Our range of services goes beyond traditional insurance coverage, incorporating advanced technology and strategic approaches to enhance risk management and customer satisfaction. 

Commercial Fleet Insurance

Our core service focuses on offering commercial fleet insurance that provides extensive coverage for your fleet of vehicles. From vans and trucks to taxis and delivery vehicles, our insurance policies are designed to protect your assets, drivers, and business from various risks, ensuring you can operate with confidence and peace of mind.

Claims Management

Simplify the claims process and expedite claim submissions with our in-house claims management app. Easily submit claims, capture witness statements and upload supporting documents, improving the speed, accuracy and cost of the claim

Driver Licence Checking

 We understand that competent drivers are vital to fleet safety. Our driver licence checking service employs cutting-edge systems to verify and monitor the validity and endorsements of your drivers' licences, ensuring that your fleet is operated by qualified and compliant drivers.


Optimise your fleet's performance and safety with telematics. We partner with industry-leading telematics providers to equip your vehicles with real-time data on performance, driver behaviour, and fleet operations.

Audit & Compliance

Stay on top of regulatory requirements and best practices with our audit and compliance services. We offer comprehensive assessments of your fleet operations, including FORS audits, identifying potential compliance gaps and recommending measures to ensure adherence to industry standards.

Assessment & Training

Improve driver competence and safety through our driver assessment and training programs. Our assessments evaluate driving skills, behaviour, and awareness, allowing us to tailor training to address specific areas for improvement.

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